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Indian Power sector is highly dynamic and huge amount of investments from all, central, state and private players have been made in the market. Rapid increase in demand for the energy consumption has led to development of various power projects and the competitions in the market requires these players to undertake the whole research and analysis of the market before investing in it. Even in long run, these players need to generate profits and this requires a full-fledged regular update on market performance and constraints with in-depth studies of contemporary projects in the industry.

What We Offer?

We provide you with detailed market reports based on comprehensive market analysis by our team of researchers. This will revolutionize your profits and opportunities.

Our Clients!

Our reports deal distinctly with specific fuel based projects besides captive plants, which enables companies to access reports focusing on their respective domains. Hence, anyone investing in power sector is our client.

Our Reports

Our Reports

Based On Extensive Market Research

The Coal Resource - A Five Year Strategic Market Outlook 2017-2022

The Coal Resource provides a strategic coal industry outlook giving domestic and imported coal production and price forecasts...

India Power Generation Market Tracker 2016: Sustaining the Growth

Elekore brings its latest research which aims at bringing a picture of the present and the expected market size of India’s generation segment...

Captive Power Asset Tracker - India, 2016

A valuable resource “Captive Power Assets Tracker India 2016” for all enterprises having interest in Power Sector such as Project developers...

View from the Top: Global Gas / LNG Market Resource: A Primer for Indian Consumers

Major LNG sources along with the competitiveness of each source and influence of these suppliers on the market & expected LNG price...

The Coal Resource: A Comprehensive Review of Indian Coal Market 2015

Elekore Research Desk evaluates the trends in the Indian Coal market with a focus on detailed study of the market structure and conditions...

Indian Electricity Market: Evaluating Fuel Options & Procurement Strategies

An attempt to bring a realistic, comprehensive and actionable insight towards an expanding power market and also to provide a strategic view...