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Electricity Today

Your Daily dose of updates on Indian Power sector.

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Electricity Today

In this growing and transforming sector, we understand the need of our clients to have a 360-degree view of the happenings and crucial events in the market that initiate them to reach beyond their horizon. But with the barrage of information, some individuals might miss crucial pieces or have a difficult time sifting through the innumerable sources. We, at Elekore, provide them with an apprising morning, by applying our permutations and combinations from a wide range of orders, petitions and regulatory updates of the sector, with our daily newsletter - “Electricity Today”.

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Recent Government Orders, Petition Details, Tender Releases and Results, Market Updates, Tariff Orders, Committee Meetings, Hearings and Judgements, Latest Announcements and Trends etc.

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We have built our expertise in gathering, researching and picking up the right information so that our clients can start their day with up to date knowledge of the economy and get an upper hand in comparison to other players of the sector.

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