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Stressed Assets

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Stressed Assets

With increase in the complexity of the markets, fuel availability and other issues, the viability of the project goes for a toss and considering tremendous amount of capital involved in power sector projects, the odds of a project getting stuck in between also rises steeply. This leads to rapid rise in the blocked funds of the investors involved, and such assets become stressed asset. Our dedicated team of researchers can report you the level of the stressed asset and the corresponding difficulties in resuming the work and if required mood of the investor to sell or retain the asset / management. Our experts will also provide you with the efficient ways to recover the capital.

What We Offer?

Our team of market researchers will help you with realizing / tracking the level of stressed assets of the project based on the various stages of project developments. Our team will also provide you with ways to recover the financial losses.

How we do it!

Our team of market researchers cover the whole power sector and they analyze the assets of our clients to help them overcome the losses by providing them with solutions to recover it.

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