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India Power Generation Market Tracker 2016: Sustaianing the Growth

November 2016

Elekore with the help of its cannons of tools & models brings its latest research offering which aims at bringing a picture of the present and the expected market size of India’s generation segment. Please find some of the key areas of the study:

  • Mainstream Power Capacity Addition Forecast: Produced by Elekore’s Research Desk, the tracker gives a multi-faceted and in-depth forecast of how India’s capacity build up will emerge, which region and state will be most affected by overcapacity. The forecast will also highlight the shift in technology and fuel mix in the coming years.
  • Sustainability Analysis: This tracker provides a critical assessment of the present economic landscape considering the fuel and policy re-alignment and a roadmap for navigating towards future growth.
  • More than 865+ GW of generation capacity tracked and covered under various stages.
  • More than 1080+ power generation projects covered (MS-Excel based Asset Tracker)
  • The report will aid in extracting the performance intricacies of major generation assets and states across coal, gas and hydro fuel options.
This is a unique study which caters to all segments of the market, whether it is a power generation company or end user or a Power Trader or EPC/Equipment supplier, all would stand to gain immensely from it.

Please contact Elekore Energy Desk to download the ToC of the report.

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