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Captive Power Asset Tracker, 2016

June 2016

A valuable resource “Captive Power Assets Tracker India 2016” for all enterprises having interest in Power Sector such as Project developers, Finance & Banking, Equipments & EPC, Fuel suppliers & Coal traders, Industries & Open access power comsumers and traders, legal and professional consultants along with other industries which are associated directly or in-directly with the energy value chain to have an in-depth profile of all assets. This CPP Asset Resource focuses on Captive power assets and tracks each individual project unit wise with an exhaustive story-board covering various facets of development including progress, achievements, development and contractual issues.

Comprehensive Data & Strategic Points:

  • Equipment and EPC details at individual unit/stage level of an asset covering equipment providers for BTG, EPC contractors and other service providers
  • Project wise details on Emmissions
  • Fuel options, sourcing and tie-up
  • Unit wise and stage wise commissioning timeline and analysis
  • Vicinity and Location details including grid connectivity
  • CPP Excel data pack covering key details

Please contact Elekore Energy Desk to download the ToC of the report.

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