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Today's Electricity Market Play

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In this dynamic power sector, the need to stay one step ahead of your competitors is vital. In order to have a competitor’s advantage, Elekore data geeks provide you with an innovative tool which we call as Today’s Electricity Market Play i.e. TEMP.
A day ahead analysis tool which helps our clients to understand probable statistic releases of the day and apprehend their likely effects on the market. As a part of our effort in assisting on market intelligence tracking, we are analysing the fundamental drivers behind every events happening during the day.

What We Offer?

Using extensive market research and analytical tools, we provide our clients with price analysis of the energy exchange market, region-wise market congestion analysis of the sale and purchase bid, and regular updates on the major players in the market based on their market trade. Thus, helping our customers to always stay a step ahead of their competitors and foresee possibilities before they become obvious.

Useful for

Power Developers, Power Traders, Power Exchanges, Central Power Players, Transmission and Distribution Companies, Consultants, Research Companies, Technology Providers, Government Agencies, Regulatory Institutions, Industrial Consumers of Energy

Our Partners Trust Us With Their Projects

Our Partners Trust Us With Their Projects

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