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Advanced Analytics

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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Whether you decide to label it data science, Big Data analytics, or applied statistics, a commitment to this kind of Advanced Analytics is no longer optional to stay viable. With the increased competition in the power sector it has become very crucial to create an impactful combination of logics and statistics that drives actions from the insights.


We are building a platform that is well equipped by proactive extraction and compilation of data from humongous variety of sources. So that it extracts relevant intelligence that helps to uncover new correlations, customer behavior patterns, revenue opportunities, and other strategies every day.

We are revaluating the daunting power sector analytics into a heuristic algorithm using::

  1. Descriptive Analytics:
  2. Dwelling into the past to narrate “What has happened?” Summarizing the historical events, status and performance of power plants, generators and state beneficiaries on daily basis.

  3. Predictive Analytics:
  4. Understanding the future to decipher “What could happen?” Forecasting major happenings of the sector every day to prepare our clients with unexpected gains and losses. Tracking the demand-supply and exchange price patterns and anticipating for the upcoming months.

  5. Prescriptive Analytics:
  6. Advising on possible outcomes to answer “What should be done?” Analyzing the trend and course of the market for over 5 years has helped us in developing a consulting model that can guide our clients on the next profitable and smart step to be taken.

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Our Partners Trust Us With Their Projects

Our Partners Trust Us With Their Projects

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